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Get Better Vista Performance on a Laptop Computer

Meet us at VloggerFair: – with iJustine, SoldierKnowsBest, Shaycarl, CTFxC, jon4lakers, BFvsGF, and others! Talk to you in person? – When I posted an email recently from TheDub, I received a lot of negative feedback. My answer remains if your laptop doesn’t run well after upgrading to Vista, you can always go back to XP. TheDub also sent me a new email, telling me about a free tool to help with Vista performance on laptops.


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What would you recommend as a good reliable desktop computer?

Question by John S: What would you recommend as a good reliable desktop computer?
I’m looking to get a new computer, I’ve had a laptop for 5 years now but I’m really getting sick of them. I’m trying to compare prices but honestly I’d rather get a good reliable, top of the line computer rather than worrying about price. I’ve compared: iMac, Dell, HP, Gateway and acer. Any feedback?

Best answer:

Answer by Sean
I have a slightly upgraded Gateway GM5664. I love it. But here is what you want.

Intel Core 2 something. As long as it’s Core 2, you’ll be better off. Quad is the best for now, that comes in a desktop, from say best buy or circuit city.

You want at LEAST 2 gb of RAM

You need to make sure ti says DVDRW drive included.

You need to make sure they have a monitor you will like.

After that, the rest is up to you. HD space should be well over 320 GB, and you might want a 12-in 1 media reader if you have a digital camera, but for now, go with the Gateways, because Emachines just bought them,and acer, so they are doing great.

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